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For the first time in a very long while, I feel excited about the possibilities of the future. I just have to prepare myself for the drudgery that inevitably composes much of the dream-building process.

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It is a terrible struggle to exist as a kind person with values in a selfish world.

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webMD’s answer for everything 

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You’ve got to be optimistic to be single. Stupid. You have to be stupid. That’s what optimistic means, you know? It means stupid. An optimist is somebody who goes, “Hey, maybe something nice will happen.” Why the fuck would anything nice ever happen?
Louis C.K.
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Never compromise your personal values, to appeal to the values of others.
William Chapman  

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“Do what you love” disguises the fact that being able to choose a career primarily for personal reward is a privilege, a sign of socioeconomic class. Even if a self-employed graphic designer had parents who could pay for art school and co-sign a lease for a slick Brooklyn apartment, she can bestow DWYL as career advice upon those covetous of her success.

If we believe that working as a Silicon Valley entrepreneur or a museum publicist or a think-tank acolyte is essential to being true to ourselves, what do we believe about the inner lives and hopes of those who clean hotel rooms and stock shelves at big-box stores? The answer is: nothing.

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I know what it feels like, and it sucks, it really does, when you are up in the middle of the night thinking about the things that you’ve suddenly became aware of. The things you’re missing out on right now, and all the people who are not close to you anymore, and all of the good times that will never happen again, and all the people who have meant the world to you who have forgotten about you forever, and you get this awful feeling that’s kind of like a mix between loneliness and nostalgia.
Abraham M. Alghanem, Summer and Autumn 

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I’m feeling kinda down. I wasn’t among the list of candidates chosen for an interview for the JET Program I applied for last fall. I know I put my best foot forward and, looking at the list, I realized I had a whole lot of competition. I have long accepted that the only thing in life we have control over is our own actions, and that we have to relinquish attachment to specific results to be happy. Nonetheless, I really thought I had a strong application and that this would be my ticket out of this place. But I’ll keep moving forward and find another path. 

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If you’re so funny, then why are you on your own tonight?
And if you’re so clever, then why are you on your own tonight?
If you’re so very entertaining, then why are you on your own tonight?
If you’re so very good-looking, why do you sleep alone tonight?
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Searching for peace but finding only hollowness.